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Designer / Photographer / Producer







2015年9月、フランスの化粧品ブランドの会社「L'Oréal」(ロレアル)に招待され、10月上旬にフランスのパリで『JAPANESE BEAUTY』という展示に参加。作品は世界中のロレアル公式SNS広告で2年間にわたり起用され。



2013年9月、東京でイラストレーターである田中麻貴と「NAOKI×MAKI」の名義でクリエイティブユニットを結成。 「写真」と「芸術」を組み合わせ、コンセプトも入り混ぜた作品を制作。2015年、アーティストの小林舞香に誘われ、積極的に作品制作を続け、2016年11月に小林氏の個展 「最後の夜」 でスペシャルゲストとして出展、2人のコラボレーション作品の初披露。2017年の春に、サンドアート・パフォーマーのkisatoの作品に惹かれ、コラボを決意、残されない砂絵を大切にしたい気持ちを入り込む、「砂」と「写真」を繋ぐ作品を制作開始。2018年の夏、「Fall in Sand」という合同展を開催。



2014年11月、ファッションのポートレートを撮り続け、「La Marque N」(ラ・マルク・エヌ)という男性目線からのガーリージャンルをプロデュース。世界に向けて発信することを目指している。2016年8月、作品の幅を広げるため、いつも努力している新しい自分らしさを望んでいる女性を応援の気持ちを込め、スポーツシリーズを作る予定。

Summary of Biography

A professional freelance photographer for over 10 years currently based in Tokyo.
With special styles in spatial impression merged into fashion, photos combined with painting, girly genre called "La Marque N", and the latest work for women sports series "BX", NAOKI has been actively participated in exhibitions. His works also appear among renowned photography magazines, books, CD covers & design, brand producing, e-books and website serials.


Evolution of styles


With NAOKI's education background in Interior Design, spatial impression has been an essential element in his photography since 2004. With NAOKI's continuous interests in fashion style, this element of spatial impression has been merged into fashion and dynamic expression by NAOKI.



In September 2015, NAOKI was invited by L'Oréal, a leading French cosmetics and beauty company to join an exhibition called "Japan Exhibition for L'Oréal" in Paris.  NAOKI's works will be presented on social networks and official website of L'Oréal for the next 2 years.



Organizing and leading an artist group "NAOKI X MAKI" in 2013, NAOKI further combines MAKI's works in his photos to create a new style. Since November 2015, NAOKI has been invited by artist MAIKA KOBAYASHI to collaborate in innovative works. NAOKI will be the special guest in MAIKA KOBAYASHI's solo exhibition "The last night".  At that moment, they will make an important presentation of their first collabolation.




Since November 2014, NAOKI has the ambition to create a new girly genre, from a male's vision to appeal to both female and male worldwide.  He has put this into a showcase "La Marque N".  NAOKI has been the producer, photographer, and designer of this line of products.  Recently, NAOKI started to focus on creating a new sport series to emphasize the beauty of women during workouts to present a positive image of sports.

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